A Site Resurrected

Today is the fourteenth of January and in keeping with new year resolutions I have decided that it is time to once again to begin to blog.  I have been challenged for the past year from both emotional and physical constraints.   As many readers know one of my granddaughters has been suffering for more than a year.  She was initially diagnosed with cancer but upon having the surgery that indeed saved her life she developed what I will simply call complications that caused her to now need a multiple organ transplant. All this has happened to Bernadette who is only a little more than two years old.  The physical challenges are mostly those accompanying aging.

This post is not about those things, it is about what is now going on from a creative standpoint and how I see, through my foggy crystal ball, what will transpire throughout the balance of this year.  I see that two of the three books that I have been struggling with completing will be finished.  I am not certain which one will go to press first but I have a good notion that it will be the one that God has put on my heart to write.

I have asked, through prayer to be relieved of this assignment.  It is a book that I don’t think anyone would enjoy writing.  The subject matter exposes me to the sin that most plagues me.  What I can equate to Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”, though I am not certain that it was sin but was most likely a physical malady to which he was referring.  Regardless of what it was God has the imperfect of us in the position to give Him the glory that He so richly deserves.  It will not be to my credit that this book will be written and I am certainly not proud that sin was needed to draw me to God.  Nevertheless I am profusely thankful for the grace by which God has given me a chance to be with Him.

So I start this day looking at the computer screen, praying for direction and support.  He is always with me and because of this I am free.  God is with you too.  Take a moment and thank Him for the faithfulness that we conveniently abandon when times are going so well.  Yesterday was a great day, but today is what I have.  Tomorrow might be a terrible day but today is where my thoughts are.  As always I am called to “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…” Matthew 6:33 and must remember that “… the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:20  It is because of that gift that we need nothing more.

God’s blessing to you.



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